• Sky Store Mobile

    Technical Lead / Scrum master at Sky Responsible for building and leading UI development team in order to deliver Sky Store iOS and Android client applications. Main responsibilities: Development leadership for Android client, Technical/API leadership for iOS/Android platforms, Scrum Master for iOS/Android teams, CI Integration with jenkins Experience: Android, Java, Jira, Eclipse, Android Studio, Gradle, …

  • Sky Store Roku

    Client Roku Developer at Sky UI Architecture and development of Sky Store product for Roku Streaming Player. Low-level performance optimizations of Roku application. MVC implementation on low-level Brightscript scripting language. Experience: Brightsript, Brstest, PlayReady, DRM, Git, WebStorm, Shell, Cygwin, TDD, Agile (Scrum), REST, SiteCatalyst, UX, UML   Live Link: https://www.skystore.comĀ 

  • YouView : Extraordinary TV

    Flash Software Developer at YouView Development of optimized UI for Youview set-top box which is joint venture between BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Arqiva, BT and Talk Talk with aim to create the next generation of TV. Work in agile(kanban) environment. Tools Used: Actionscript 3.0, Flash Builder, Intellij, Stagecraft, Maven, Jenkins, Jira, Bash, Flex, …

  • Blue Peter Globe

    Lead Developer at BBC / Blue Peter Architecture and development of Flash based 3D game for CBBC/ Optimize AIR 2.0 based CMS. Tools Used: Flex 4, AIR 2.0, PureMVC, Away3D, Fabrication, TweenMAX, UML, Flash Builder Video: Live Link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/games/globeĀ