//Things that are impossible just take longer //

I’m interactive developer with over 10 years experience¬†in product development ranging from web sites, shopping portals, content management systems, analytical applications to interactive UIs, TV/STB/VOD devices, mobile applications and 3D games


  • Mobile: Android, Flex Mobile, iOS (Swift), Unity3D(C#), Xamarin
  • Interactive: Flash, Flex, RIA
  • Games: Unity3D
  • Websites: Javascript, .NET, C#, MySQL
  • CMS: Umbraco, Silverstripe, Joomla, WordPress
  • Cloud Computing: AWS, Parse


Android: Java, Gradle, Dagger2, Robolectric, Espresso, Junit, Mockito, DataBinding, RxJava, SQLLite, Android Studio, Intellij, Volley, Material Design, Jackson, Gson

iOS: Swift 1/2, Cocoapods, RxSwift, CoreData, CoreAnimation, Carthage, Xcode, AFNetworking

DRM/Video Delivery, Inside Secure, Code Obfuscation, Arxazan, NDS, Pro Guard, Conviva

TDD, Github, REST, Jenkins, CircleCI, OOP, XML, Agile, Kanban, Design Patterns, Game AI, UX/UI Design, Jira, Github, MySQL, Software Architecture UML, Shell, Json, BDD

#Intermediate – Maintained
Web: HTML5, Javascript, React, ReactNative, REST, W3C Standards, SEO, XSLT, Ajax, AngularJS, jQuery

.NET, WordPress, C#, Unity3D, PHP, MonoDevelop, Xamarin, Visual Studio, Fireworks, Photoshop, StarUML, Maven, Ant


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